Arlington Charities is excited to roll out our new Food Delivery Program for elderly, mobility impaired, and homebound clients who otherwise wouldn't be able to make it to our drive through pantry. This program is made possible through funding from the Community Development Block Grant. We are also excited to be renting an affordable delivery van from Moritz Motor Company.

The van's maiden voyage to deliver to five program participants went swimmingly. "The van performed like a champ," says AC employee, Adam. "Everyone was super nice and appreciated me calling beforehand to make sure they were ready," asserted Adam. "I also helped unload and put away groceries for people who could not lift the heavy boxes."

Program participants get two choices of meat, a choice of vegetables and canned goods, fresh fruits, and bread. Dietary restrictions are also taken into account. If you are homebound or mobility impaired and believe you would qualify for the program, call 817-275-1511 for more information.

Irma (picture not provided) has been coming to Arlington Charities since 1992. She enjoys coming to Arlington Charities largely because of the people that work there. “They are very kind and I have never had any problems with anyone there,” asserts Irma. Throughout the years, she has seen many changes to Arlington Charities, including our new minimal contact Drive Through Pantry due to Covid-19. Irma appreciates the Drive Through Pantry, saying that, “it is safe for everyone and that it is nice to continue to be helped with food and needs.” If she could rate the experience, she would give it four out of five stars.

Outside of Arlington Charities, Irma enjoys assisting others. “I like to help people and I try to help as much as I can,” she emphasizes.

Joretta Sorting Fruit

When I came in to work this morning, I noticed a long line of carts filled with bags of fruit and veggies already ready nearly an hour before our drive through pantry was set to open. Near the carts were two volunteers working as fast as hummingbirds and as efficiently as machines.

Joretta and Terry, our produce gals, like to get here at 7:30 AM, well before most people come into work. They start out their day by going through pallets of produce and sorting each type into boxes. They then take inventory and get rid of any produce that has spoiled. This allows them to decide how much of each type of produce our clients will get for today.

After inventory, Joretta and Terry begin making bags of produce for our clients. They like to have two large cart fulls of fruit bags and four carts of veggies done before 8:45 AM. For the entire rest of the day, they continue to make several hundred bags. Even after the drive through is done, these two volunteers will keep on sorting to make sure they get all of the leftover produce into a cooler so it doesn't spoil. Sometimes, they can still be sorting as late as 12:30 PM.

We are very grateful to have such dedicated volunteers like Joretta and Terry. It is their hard work that enables us to continue "providing help and creating hope."


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