I took a day to ride along with our personable Arlington Charities driver, Adam, on one of his home delivery routes and was blown away by his passion for the program and the noticeable difference he is making in the lives of our clients.

Adam makes deliveries of food, toiletries, and hygiene items to around 96 individual Arlington Charities clients. Some of our clients suffer from mobility issues or lack the transportation to get to our pantry, making these deliveries incredibly important to keeping them fed.

Back when Adam started making deliveries at the start of the Covid Pandemic, he had just eight clients. Now that number is close to 100 and growing, which requires him to make around 20 deliveries per day to make sure everyone is fed by the end of the week. Whether a client is brand new or someone Adam has been delivering to for a while, everyone is happy to see him. I saw clients break down at the sight of their food box, stop to chat with us for extended periods of time, or greet Adam like an old friend. One client with a broken tailbone and leg swelling choked back tears as she told us how the delivery service has “helped her survive with ingredients she can use to make meals that last for days.”

Adam is very grateful for his position and the opportunity to make such positive changes in the community. “The situations people get put in and how we are able to help them out. It just makes it rewarding to get to drive around and make that difference,” he passionately asserted.

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Juana has been visiting Arlington Charities since December of last year. She and her husband care for two teenage kids. Only her husband works at the moment. Juana enjoys going to our Monthly Mobile Pantries, which see us partnering with the Tarrant Area Food Bank and other local organizations to provide supplemental groceries to hundreds of families. Her favorite part is coming home to open all the bags and seeing what kind of foods they received. Juana would rate her Arlington Charities experience five out of five stars. “It helps a lot,” she asserts.

If you need food assistance, please give us a call at 817-275-1511. If you are an Arlington Charities client and would like to share your story like Juana, please visit https://bit.ly/3d29pTk

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Linda has been utilizing the Arlington Charities home delivery program for the past four months. She is a sixty three year old mother of four who used to work with underprivileged kids for twenty four years before becoming disabled in 2011. The delivery program has been a tremendous asset to Linda and her granddaughter. She is adamant about using every ingredient in the box to make “old school” meals for herself, her granddaughter, her neighbors, and the local children. Some of her favorite things to make are yam casserole, sweet potato pies, and fruit cocktails.

Linda enjoys cooking, helping out around her apartment complex, and doting on her seven grandchildren. She is very excited to have an eighth grandchild on the way.

If you need food assistance, please give us a call at 817-275-1511. If you are an Arlington Charities client and would like to share your story like Linda, please visit https://bit.ly/3d29pTk

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