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09/19/19 is a big day for Arlington Charities. North Texas Giving Day is an annual event throughout North Texas that encourages participants to simply donate money to their favorite charities. In 2018 over $48 million dollars were raised to benefit 2,700 local nonprofits in North Texas. Arlington Charities managed to raise over $25,000. This was matched by one of our generous anonymous donors for a grand total of $50,000!

This year, we are hoping to secure funding that will allow us to purchase toiletries and hygiene items on a regular basis. These often requested necessities are always in short supply as we do not have a reliable donation source for non-food items. Be sure to bookmark and share our North Texas Giving Day Page in preparation for the big day!!! 


Our goal is  to raise $25,000.

All donations received will be doubled by an anonymous donor.

Think we can do it?

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  • 09/19/19 is North Texas Giving Day. You must donate by this date for your donation to count. 

  • 09/09/19 Early Donation Starts. You can schedule a donation through the North Texas Giving Day Website to go through on 09/19/19. 

  • 08/01/19 FUNdraising Page creation starts. You can help Arlington Charities raise donations by creating a FUNDRAISING page through the North Texas Giving Day Website.

Step by Step Guide

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Be sure to use our North Texas Giving Day Guide to have all the information you need in one handy place.

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Why I Give

Inspirational stories on why individuals give their time and money to Arlington Charities.


Peggy Uribe has been volunteering and giving to Arlington Charities for 22 years. As one of our longest standing volunteers and donors Peggy has seen the changes firsthand that giving can create. For example our “client choice pantry,” which allows clients to shop for their own food, used to be pre packaged bags. Our senior program, which transports mobility impaired seniors to shop and socialize at our pantry via a partnership with handi-tran, used to be a delivery service with pre-packaged meals. 

Peggy is a constant advocate for A.C.  and would definitely encourage others to give. Whenever friends have items they no longer need, Peggy always encourages them to donate them to Arlington Charities. Whether it is a acquaintance that is moving and has a surplus of  sheets and comforters or an American Airlines flight attendant who has way too many airline lotions, Peggy believes there is always someone who could use these items. 

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Catherine Bartley has been volunteering and giving to Arlington Charities for 18 months. She chooses to give because she loves the mission which she paraphrases as “providing nutrition and loving on clients.” The abundance of food a client receives and the joy that it brings them is a huge part of why Catherine is involved with A.C. Clients tell her that “they’d never be able to get this much food at the grocery store.” Many give her hugs and teary eyed “thank you’s.” It is obvious to her how much our services help them.


Arlington Charities is able to serve up to sixty people a day and helps low income individuals receive adequate sustenance so they can afford other necessities such as rent or utilities. Catherine would encourage others to give because funds help pay for things like refrigeration that helps keep food cold or additional items a client may need. Every donation goes back to the client in some way. She would also recommend volunteering in order to experience the gratitude that clients have.

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Ted and Janice Gooch are a couple that have been volunteering and giving to Arlington Charities for around eight years. Before Ted became a regular volunteer, he worked as Arlington Charities’ Assistant Warehouse Manager. The couple chooses to give to Arlington Charities because they have seen firsthand that “our community needs support.” Ted and Janice choose to respond to this need using guidance from the Gospel of Matthew 25, “feed the hungry and clothe the naked.”

Both Ted and Janice enjoy volunteering at Arlington Charities for different reasons. As someone who likes to stay active, Ted appreciates activities like driving our truck to pick up donations or unloading food.   Janice, on the other hand, enjoys getting to know each client and helping them. There is certainly a little something to do for every type of personality when volunteering at Arlington Charities.

The couple believes that Arlington Charities has a very positive impact on the people who come here, both as a source of help and a source of inspiration. Janice assured that clients often tell her that when they are back on their feet, they would love to come volunteer themselves.

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Audrey Koepp has been volunteering and donating to Arlington Charities for around thirty years. She started volunteering when Arlington Charities was just a little storefront in the Municipal Building on Stanford. There was nowhere near as much activity back then and Audrey has enjoyed seeing Arlington Charities evolve into the robust client choice pantry it is today. Audrey was the mission chair at her church when she discovered Arlington Charities. She advocated for “never wasting old pots, pans, towels, and other household goods.” “Someone’s junk is someone else’s treasure.”

Audrey appreciates that Arlington Charities focuses on emergency items like food and clothing. These items get donated to us, which in turn get donated to the people who need them.  Audrey also enjoys the many specialty programs we offer with her favorite being layettes for expectant mothers. Every item Arlington Charities offers is “respectable” and there is “no junk” stipulates Audrey.

 The impact that Arlington Charities has on the community is obvious to Audrey. She explains it as the “difference between happy faces or tears at the dinner table.” Many of these people work paycheck to paycheck and something simple like a sick day can throw off their entire budget.  Other times, unexpected disasters like a fire or an illness can create huge burdens for someone who would otherwise be doing fine. Whatever the case is, Arlington Charities is here to help.

Audrey would always encourage others to extend a helping hand by “giving very often, you reap what you sew.” “What we give might not be a big difference to us, but it could be huge for somebody else.”

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Your compassionate support enables us to

Provide Help and Create Hope

*Refer to this page for updates throughout our North Texas Giving Day Campaign