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Latter day saints donate 24,000 pounds of food

The church of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints donates trucks full of food to charities around the U.S. as part of their Covid-19 relief efforts. On September 2nd, Arlington Charities and Arlington Urban Ministries were selected to split a truck full of 24,000 pounds of food. Food was first unloaded into the Arlington Charities truck by AC staff. It was then placed into storage by Latter Day Saints and volunteers.

"It was a no brainer," said Arlington Stake president of the Latter Day Saints, Mark Davies. "We chose Arlington Charities because of their ability to help out families in their community with basic necessities. It was one of the first charities on our minds to donate to."

Latter Day
wide shot macaroni
wow an accent wall
Robin directions 2
trucks with spectators
saints group
trucks lined up
Macaroni 2
Peanut butter
overhead shot
Mayor Meyers
Just Serve
Impressive arm strength
group shot 2
Duane unloading
duane overhead
Deborah & Meyers
Boxes lifting
Arlington charities truck with people in
Adam with truck
saying goodbye to our Air national guard

Friday, June 17th, was our last day with our Air National Guard Volunteers. For the past several months, these guys have been an enormous help to us. They have helped setup and run our drive through pantry each day, unloaded and processed food into our warehouse, reorganized key storage areas, cleaned our facilities, and assisted with many other small projects that have cropped up. With each task they have taken on, the Air National Guard were quick learners and displayed incredible work ethic. A few weeks ago, when being assigned locations, our Air National Guard volunteers asked to continue working at Arlington Charities because “they needed our help.”

While we are sad to see our Air National Guard team go, we are very grateful for the time we had together and all their hard work. Words cannot describe how thankful we are for their help, their dedication, and the friendships that we formed with them.

National Guard
veggie bags
veggies with ac sign
surveying the boxes
soldiers load trunk
putting boxes in the car
national guard eating
national guard eating 2
muslce man
meat packin
m guard sorting veggies
loading car
hot dog soldier
hands on ya hips
guards sorting fruit
guard sorting veggies
Guard picking up a box
Guard moving boxes
guard 2 moving boxes
group shot
get this bread
F Guard sorting veggies
closin the trunk
ac truck gud one
throwing the chicken 2
throwing the chicken
2 guard
Opening the trunk
loading the boxes
loading the boxes 2
Arlington charities responds to covid-19

In order to continue to support the community during the Covid-19 Pandemic Arlington Charities drastically restructured our day to day operations and engaged in large scale mobile pantry events around the community. To reduce contact between staff volunteers, and clients, Arlington Charities switched over to a drive through pantry where Arlington Charities representatives bring pre-packaged food bags directly to a clients car. 


As a way to support members of our community highly impacted by the pandemic on a much larger scale, Arlington Charities has teamed up with Tarrant Area Food Bank, Fielder Church, and Arlington Independent School District (AISD) to provide food to families in the AISD school district.  

TAFB Truck
sorter close up
more sorters
car line
car line
Cal and Gail
verifying paperwork
truck shot
shopping carts
packing the car
honey nut
directing traffic
boxes side view
bags long shot
Martin luther king day of service 2020

Arlington Charities was beyond blessed to have over thirty four people show up, either as groups or as individuals, to volunteer for Martin Luther King Day of Service. Arlington Charities wanted to extend a thank you's to all who volunteered, including, IBM's Coppell Division, Inspired To Live ChurchAmeriCorps VISTA of North TexasUTA Financial Aid & Scholarships, and the families or individuals that came on their day off to serve.

During their time there, these groups engaged in a variety of jobs such as sorting clothing, deep cleaning our fridges, shredding old files, mopping our floors, getting ahead on stocking veggies and desserts, and more. We have to say, the pantry has not looked this spic and spam in a long time and that everyone who volunteered should congratulate themselves on a job well done!

MLK Day of Service 2020
family group
family 2
UTA Box Breakers
ITL Group
Reppin Inspired to Live
IBM clothes sorters 4
2019 Year in Review
2019 a year in review

As we are trudge forward into 2020, we here at Arlington Charities decided to look through our favorite memories from 2019 and compile them for your enjoyment. Come take a stroll down memory lane with us through a year full of help and hope. We hope that you enjoy the video and that you continue to support us in 2020!

ac logo 2020.jpg
Holiday Distribution
Thanksgiving 2019

During our Thanksgiving distribution, Arlington Charities provided over  9000 pounds of donated food to struggling families in the Arlington area including vegetables, yams, soups, mac and cheese, stuffing, pie filling, vouchers for turkeys, and more. Thank you to all who volunteered their and who donated food. You helped make our Thanksgiving one for the books. 

cute kids
Thanksgiving Table
taters 2
Syble Vandenbosch
st. barnabas
oil n rice
miracle whip
Girt card crew
girl with barnabas bags
cool hwhip
Audrey and Rebecca
Audrey and Rebecca goofy
North Texas Giving Day
North texas giving day 2019

North Texas Giving Day is a much anticipated day at Arlington Charities as we often raise a large majority of our funds for the year. Throughout North Texas, nonprofits engage in a day of fundraising sponsored by the North Texas Community Foundation. Prizes and bonuses provide extra incentives and matching funds allow donors to effectively double their donations.  This year, thanks to our fabulous donors, we managed to raise a total of $45,400!!!

NTXGD Logo.jpg
wbsite check
gud 2
gud picture
volunteers w. sign
sign photo
Community Development block grant 
parking lot project

Arlington Charities is in the process of making itself more accessible. Over the past couple of months we have been working with the city of Arlington's Community Development Block Grant on a project to create a more handicap accessible parking lot and entrance ways. This will entail a newly paved parking lot with handicap accessible spots, new ramps and railings, and handicap accessible doors that will open at the press of a button. Stay tuned for updates and pictures throughout the construction phase!!!

Parking Lot Project
wheelchair ramp
the new lot
steam roller
new asphalt
smoothin and groovin
group photo
digging up the lot
cool dusty shot
bobcat wide shot
bobcat group photo
Volunteer Appreciation
volunteer appreciation luncheon 2019

Arlington Charities took some time to treat our volunteers to a nice lunch at Pantego Cafe and dote on them. The lively afternoon also featured a presentation of an resolution given to the Arlington Charities volunteers by commissioner Devan Allen, a surprise volunteer appreciation video, and a rousing speech by Anita Foster on what it means to be a volunteer.

our volunteers rock
our volunteers rock close up
Service award
service award 2
Service award close up
nichole table
B and Husband
elder table
Murray and Sandra 2
Sister table
table setting
table with bloons
venue wide shot 2
Stamp out The Hunger Food Drive 2019

Every year, Arlington Charities facilitates a sorting site for the annual "Stamp Out The Hunger Postal Food Drive." The drive, organized by U.S. letter carriers, is one of the largest annual food drives across the U.S. which directly benefits food collecting agencies like Arlington Charities. Our dedicated volunteers joined some missionaries, and boy scouts at First Christian church to sort large truck-fulls of food into categorized boxes. 

Stamp out the hunger
push up crew
stacked boxes.1
Food drive
deborah with postal workers
box table.1
Help and hope celebrity chef showcase 2019

Our second annual Help and Hope Celebrity Chef Showcase celebrated our 40th anniversary since we were incorporated. To commemorate the occasion in  the grandest fashion, celebrity chef Keith Hicks of Buttons restaurant in Fort Worth cooked a delicious three course meal of all of his soulful southern favorites. The tasty grub was paired with refreshing wine from Urban Alchemy Coffee and Wine Bar. An unforgettable evening of food, fun, and charity was had by all who attended.  

Help and Hope
volunteers chatting
volunteers 2
volunteer table
volunteer table 2
a cutie
visitors 2
visitor table aerial
tables aerial
tables 2 aerial
table setting close up
table close up
table close up
tony with wine
tony goofy face
tony 2
guess who's back tony's back
jazz band
guitar guy
guitar guy good photo
we want ice cream too
tcc group
tcc group 2
servers with roast
server line
salad being served
pot roast is served
ice cream server line
bread pudding
students cooking
sponsors group
sponsors group 2
sponsors chatting
sponsors candid
sponsors big group
sponsors big group 2
sponsors balcony
more visitors
more sponsors
up in smoke
the pot roast
smoky table
smokey table 1
seasoning the veggies
salt bae
salad mixing
salad demo
pouring cream
pot roast aerial
pot roast 2
olive oil pour
look at that ice cream
keiths plate close up
keith side
keith side 2
keith putting on gloves
keith hands crossed
keith artsy shot
keith and manning rapport
ice cream server line
ice cream demo 2
flipping the pot roast
flipping the pot roast 2
cooking the pot roast
chef manning close up
chef manning close up 2
brussel sprouts
brussel sprouts and carrots
bottle of smoke
mayor 3
mayor 2
mayor 1
mayor 1
what a cool bowl
the bowl returns
plate showcase
plate showcase 2
deborah's speech
deborah's speech cont'd
deborah candid
deborah candid 2
deborah and anita
anita and deborah talking
anita and deborah close up
smiley cal
cal talking
cal talking 2
cal side
cal front
bj talking
bj talking 2
bj side
bj being goofy
wow those plates are cool
the auction really heats up
the auction heats up
pudge close up
people and auction
diane' plate close up
auction wide shot
auction table
auction table aerial
auction sign
auction sign with crowd
pouring cream
plate showcase
look at that ice cream
anita the entertainer
anita talking with chef in bckgrnd
anita close up
anita and deborah close up
Valentines 2019

Valentines day fell on our senior service day this year. To celebrate we decorated Arlington Charities, gave out valentines candy and cookies, and created custom Arlington Charities valentines cards. 

valentines final
shirt 5
Senior service valentines 1
hey gurl hey 1
Arlington Charities Valentine 1
valentine 2
Valentine 3
2018 A Year In Review 

2018 was a pretty incredible year for Arlington Charities from our Volunteer Appreciation Luncheon, to our Celebrity Chef Showcase with the talented Carol Ritchie, to rounding off the year with some of our most successful holiday distributions yet. We couldn't have done it without our wonderful volunteers and donors. Here are some of our favorite memories from 2018. 

AC new years white logo 2.jpg
2018.12.3 sorting
2018.12.7 coat drive
2018.12.10 volunteers coats
2018.12.19 Bikes
celebrity chef
chef carol
loesje blumberg
mobile pantry
north texas giving day
senior day
thanksgiving volunteers
volunteers together
Holiday Distribution 2018

Every year Arlington Charities collects donations of holiday food, clothing, toys, tablets, and bicycles for our holiday distribution. It is a wonderful and extremely hectic time of year as staff and volunteers scramble to sort through donations and arrange them for families in need. This year our friends at the Dallas Wings donated a considerable amount of toys and the Lear Corporation donated all of our tablets. We thank all of our donors and volunteers for contributing their goodwill and hard work to ensure yet another successful year of this popular event. 

2018.12.19 bike 2
2018.12.19 bike
2018.20.12 Clothes 2
2018.12.20 clothes 3
2018.12.19 clothes
2018.12.19 toys 2
2018.12.19 toys
2018.12.20 wings 3
2018.12.19 wings 2
2018.12.19 wings
2018.12.20 Lear 2
2018.12.20 Lear
Arlington Charities in action. Get a glimpse behind the scenes!
AC in action
truck pic
giving day check
Food drive
Elementary School Donation Drive
Arlington charities clothing closet
Volunteer sorting bags
Canned food drive
Christmas toy drive
Tarrant Area Food Bank Truck
Arlington Charities Volunteers
Donation boxes
staff members
Boxes of donations
Volunteer boxing food
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