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Catherine bartley

Catherine Bartley has been volunteering and giving to Arlington Charities for 18 months. She chooses to give because she loves the mission which she paraphrases as “providing nutrition and loving on clients.” The abundance of food a client receives and the joy that it brings them is a huge part of why Catherine is involved with A.C. Clients tell her that “they’d never be able to get this much food at the grocery store.” Many give her hugs and teary eyed “thank you’s.” It is obvious to her how much our services help them.

​Arlington Charities is able to serve up to sixty people a day and helps low income individuals receive adequate sustenance so they can afford other necessities such as rent or utilities. Catherine would encourage others to give because funds help pay for things like refrigeration that helps keep food cold or additional items a client may need. Every donation goes back to the client in some way. She would also recommend volunteering in order to experience the gratitude that clients have.

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