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Cathy Erakovich

Cathy repping her awesome Arlington Charities shirt. Shirts available at

Cathy Erakovich is a retired nurse who started volunteering at Arlington Charities in 2009. Her philosophy is that volunteering is “doing God’s work with our hands.” She gets a spiritual satisfaction from working with the clients and hearing them express their gratitude. Arlington Charities wasn’t always all roses for Cathy though. She reminisced about how when she first started volunteering, an older volunteer would become very stern and persnickety about how things needed to be done. Cathy later discovered that the volunteer was just trying to ensure that everyone was doing their work correctly and became fast friends with her. She went on to describe the volunteer as “one of the kindest and most blessed people” she knows. As the years have passed, Cathy has been with Arlington Charities through a variety of changes. Arlington Charities recent focus on client choice, new trucks and freezers, and expanded reach to new demographics, make Cathy swell with pride.

When not volunteering, Cathy loves to read, quilt, walk, and garden. Keeping busy every day is a must for Cathy and volunteering fits neatly into that mantra. To all aspiring volunteers Cathy wholeheartedly asserts that “volunteering at Arlington Charities makes you see the results of your work on both the days you are here and the days you are not.” All volunteers make a significant impact on Arlington Charities and we are very grateful to have volunteers like Cathy.

If you are a volunteer and would like to be featured on “Meet a Volunteer Monday,” please send us a message. Alternatively if you are inspired by Terry’s story and would like to volunteer yourself, you can sign up at

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