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Catrina has been utilizing the new Arlington Charities delivery program for the past two months. With liver failure, nerve failure, and no access to a vehicle, this mother of three relies on deliveries from Arlington Charities to keep food in her house. Catrina “lives for her kids” and assures that she does “everything for them.” Part of the reason why she loves the delivery program so much is that it helps feed her children, whose favorites include chicken tacos and cereal.

Reflecting on her experience with Arlington Charites, Catrina would rate it five out of five stars, noting that we have “great customer service” and that “everyone is always helpful, especially the people who make the deliveries.” Some of her other interests include basketball, football, cooking, and putting a smile on people’s faces.

If you need food assistance, please give us a call at 817-275-1511. If you are an Arlington Charities client and would like to share your story like Catrina, please visit

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