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Cory Wagner

Updated: Mar 18, 2019

Cory preparing to shelve some cupcakes.

Cory Wagner is a relatively new volunteer at Arlington Charities, yet she has been familiar with the charity for thirty years. Thirty years ago Arlington Charities helped Cory when she was struggling. After seeing an ad for volunteers on the NextDoor app in May of 2018, Cory remembered the good-natured people who helped her and decided to return the favor to others. Now a regular presence at Arlington Charities, Cory enjoys seeing people “who are grateful.” She reminisced about a time when an elderly man came in and asked for a cane. Canes are not a regular item at Arlington Charities, but it just so happened that they happened to have one. Cory said that the man’s whole body “shook with excitement” when he received the cane. When not volunteering, Cory enjoys playing with her two grandsons ages one and five as well as spending time with her family. She is an avid needleworker who can whip up anything from afghans to baby blankets. Cory would very much recommend volunteering to others. To all aspiring volunteers, Cory gives a small but useful piece of advice “remember to smile.” A smile goes a long way in most situations, but it can be especially meaningful to someone who is struggling.

If you are a volunteer and would like to be featured on “Meet a Volunteer Monday,” please send us a message. Alternatively if you are inspired by Cory’s story and would like to volunteer yourself, you can sign up at

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