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Updated: Jan 22, 2021

Diane is a new member of the Arlington. In order to become more involved with her community, Diane teamed up with a fellow neighbor, Joyce, to host a food drive for Arlington Charities (AC). Diane and Joyce went door to door in her neighborhood and asked their neighbors if they wanted to help overcome a “great need” by purchasing nonperishable food items for AC. The duo received a very positive response from neighbors who were more than willing to do their part. Neighbors purchased canned goods, boxes of cereal, pasta, and more.

On Martin Luther King Day, Diane recruited a neighbor to load up a pickup truck and drop the 519 pounds of food off at Arlington Charities. “I wanted to do my part and do something for others outside of family that I wasn’t expected to do. I believe in altruism beyond politics or anything else,” asserted Diane. Today, she is continuing to help others by volunteering at Arlington Charities.

Welcome to the neighborhood Diane!

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