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Kerri with her teenage daughter

Kerri has been coming to Arlington Charities for three months. She loves coming to Arlington Charities, asserting that “everyone is always so kind” and that “it is a very quick process.” Like many of our clients, Kerri has been using our new Drive Through Pantry over the past couple of months to be able to get extra food for her family while minimizing exposure to Covid-19. Her opinion of the Drive Through is that she is “very thankful for the blessing of food and products” and that it is a “great service of giving to our community.” In fact, she would rate the experience five out of five stars.

Outside of coming to Arlington Charities, Kerri teaches younger children at a local Christian Preschool and is the single mother of a teenage girl.

If you need food assistance, please give us a call at 817-275-1511. If you are an Arlington Charities client and would like to share your story like Kerri, please visit

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