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Lia Boyd

When Arlington Charities client, Lia Boyd, pulled into the drive through today, she had our North Texas Giving Day page pulled up and was excitedly counting the money we had raised. Lia is a fanatic advocate for everything Arlington Charities, because we have been helping her for forty years. After her brother and his kids moved in with her after he lost his job, Lia was struggling to support a growing family. Luckily Arlington Charities was there to provide her with all the groceries, hygiene items, and household supplies she needs.

Lia loves the friendly faces of the volunteers and the extremely efficient Mobile Food Pantries. She is quick to speak about Arlington Charities to her friends and asserts that there is no where else that she will go to get food. Her favorite item that she receives is our fresh produce which she uses to make red beans and rice, chalupas, and Mexican corn.

“You should give to Arlington Charities during North Texas Giving Day, because it helps a lot of people like me,” says Lia. “With programs for the homeless, delivery service to people with out vehicles, and holiday help, your donation is going to a lot of fantastic programs.”

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