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Meet Robert

Arlington Charities is thrilled to welcome Robert as our new Program Director.

Robert is a marathon runner and social worker who has already taken a running start at revitalizing our programs. Spouting a Master’s in Social Work from UT Arlington, Robert has worked in child protective services and was a probation officer for twenty four years. After retiring from his previous job in Federal Law Enforcement in June 2020, he began to search for a part time job where he could use his social working skills to give back to the community. The mission of Arlington Charities really resonated with him, especially after seeing all the news coverage during the pandemic about food insecurity and the long lines of cars at food banks. To Robert, it felt like the right time to help.


Crafting More Accessible Programs

As Program Director, Robert oversees and assists with many programs, including food distribution, home delivery, utility assistance, case management, and lunches for individuals experiencing homelessness. He works to manage volunteers and staff who carry out these programs on a daily basis. Robert’s goal is to make more individuals aware of our programs and make them more accessible to our community.


Personal Life

In his free time, Robert loves eating food and running marathons, of which he has completed nineteen to date. He has a Chihuahua named Jasmine who runs his life.

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