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Mizelle Hatcher

Mizelle Hatcher began volunteering at Arlington Charities around 3 years ago and is “thrilled to be a part of the tremendous work that this organization does in the community.” He asserts that, “it is truly a blessing to see what's done for individuals and families in need of assistance.” Mizelle’s favorite part of volunteering is simply “helping others.” After helping a client select their groceries, it is common for Mizelle to get many “thank yous and bless yous.” However, he always asserts to the client that “it is you who blessed me just by smiling.” Mizelle claims that “seeing someone come in looking so forlorn and leaving looking so happy is a blessing.”

Mizelle has “always been in a position to help.” After retiring in 2012, Mizelle became very involved in his church ministries and sought other volunteer opportunities where he “hoped to be of help.” He volunteers extensively with the City of Arlington at the “Charity House” to teach Adult Basic Education and English as a Second Language (ESL). His classes are extremely popular and have a diverse melting pot of people with a burning desire to learn. Mizelle is also an executive board member of the Texas Literary Coalition (TLC) which “empowers adult learners and those who teach them with high quality literacy services and resources so businesses can hire, people can work, and families can thrive.” A lot of the people that TLC has helped have gone on to college and have led very successful lives.

Prior to retiring, Mizelle was very active in ensuring a high-quality residential life for patients in hospitals and senior centers. After his military service, he did perpetual care finance management work in Alabama for eight years before relocating to Texas. Mizelle was then blessed to “enjoy the next 28 years as an E.V.S. Executive Director at hospitals and CCU Retirement/Health Care Facilities.” Outside of his dedication to helping others, Mizelle and his wife like to travel, fish, cook, and hunt.

Mizelle would certainly recommend volunteering at Arlington Charities to “any and everyone who would like to be of help and a blessing to others in need.”He wisely advises new volunteers to “come in here kindly and ready to serve people. It is a blessing to do what we do.”

If you are interested in volunteering like Mizelle, please visit more information.

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