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Peggy Uribe

Peggy Uribe has been volunteering and giving to Arlington Charities for 22 years. As one of our longest standing volunteers and donors Peggy has seen the changes firsthand that giving can create. For example our “client choice pantry,” which allows clients to shop for their own food, used to be pre-packaged bags. Our senior program, which transports mobility impaired seniors to shop and socialize at our pantry via a partnership with handi-tran, used to be a delivery service with pre-packaged meals.

​Peggy is a constant advocate for A.C. and would definitely encourage others to give. Whenever friends have items they no longer need, Peggy always encourages them to donate them to Arlington Charities. Whether it is a acquaintance that is moving and has a surplus of sheets and comforters or an American Airlines flight attendant who has way too many airline lotions, Peggy believes there is always someone who could use these items.

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