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"Plarn" Sleeping Mats for the homeless

To help our homeless clients have comfortable sleeping equipment that keeps out moisture, several Arlington Charities volunteers have taken it upon themselves to create sleeping mats out of leftover plastic bags. These beautiful mats are crocheted by hand out of cut pieces of plastic bag called "plarn" (plastic bag yarn). Not only do these plarn bags look gorgeous, but they are also lightweight and roll up easily to be carried via a handy shoulder strap. The plastic material naturally wicks away moisture and makes a cozy waterproof sleeping mat in a pinch.

"Each bag takes about 13 - 14 hours to make but they are easy to do while watching tv shows or reading a book," asserts volunteer Gail, who has begun to go by the nickname of "bag lady" thanks to her enthusiasm for the project. The bags have become extremely popular when they are handed out during Arlington Charities' homeless lunch program. Four bags have been made so far and many more are planned for the future.

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