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Richard kelly

Richard Kelly has been volunteering at Arlington Charities since the summer of 2017. His favorite part of volunteering is working in the warehouse where he is often found doing some form of manual labor such as unloading pallets. For Richard, the manual labor of the warehouse is the main draw because he loves the exercise and being “thoroughly worn out by the end of the day.” In fact, Richard prefers to work in the warehouse on Wednesdays, which is by far our busiest day due to the high volume of deliveries we receive. Richard’s fondest memories of Arlington Charities come from the Thanksgiving and Christmas distributions where everyone at Arlington Charities is at their busiest. He loves seeing the joy on a family’s face when they receive some holiday food or a toy.

Outside of volunteering, Richard enjoys an active retirement after being an executive for Verizon’s oversea operations. He likes playing golf and riding motorcycles; however, his favorite activity is traveling. Richard and his wife have been all over including Europe and every island in the Caribbean. Their favorite sojourn is Spain which they visit frequently for the “good food, music, and people” after living there for a few years.

Richard would “definitely recommend” volunteering at Arlington Charities to others and constantly tries to recruit volunteers from his church. His sage advice is to “try to enjoy it and do what you can. There is something for everybody here.”

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