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Sue Cary

Sue Cary has been volunteering at Arlington Charities for three years and for two years prior at it’s partner agency, Tarrant Area Food Bank. Like many of our volunteers during the Covid-19 crisis, Sue used to come in just once a week during normal pantry operations, but has switched to coming in every day in order to limit Arlington Charities’ exposure. Sue was very impressed with how quickly we were able to switch from normal operations to a drive through pantry. “It literally happened overnight” she gushed. She also noticed that every day the pantry gets practically cleared out of food because there is so much demand.

Sue enjoys volunteering every day and remarks how lucky she is to be able to have something to do while many are stuck at home. Her drive to come back day after day is because she “sees a need and is able to fill it." Outside of volunteering, Sue spends the quarantine doing bible study, going on walks, and cleaning out old paperwork.

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