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Syble Vandenbosch

Updated: May 14, 2020

Syble Vandenbosch has been coming to Arlington Charities for close to twenty years and she has shared the experience with her siblings, children, and grandchildren as well. Syble has been through a lot in her life including battling throat cancer from second-hand smoke, losing two of her four children, and dealing with friends and family members battling drug addictions. However, she has great support groups at West Community Church and Arlington Charities. Syble asserts that Arlington Charities has helped her during times when she couldn’t even walk from the chemo by delivering to her house and helped her pick specialty foods when her diet was restricted. Beyond offering physical help, Syble says she can count on the staff and volunteers at Arlington Charities to take the time to listen to her, pray with her, or even just give her a hug. In fact, her favorite part of coming to Arlington Charities is the people.

Outside of receiving help at Arlington Charities, Syble enjoys helping with her daughter’s roller derby. She also likes to give back to the community herself. Whenever she can, Syble likes to volunteer at Arlington Charities herself and send volunteers from West Community Church over to Arlington Charities. Every time she has leftover food that she doesn’t need from Arlington Charities, she will donate it back or she will cook extra food for our homeless lunch program.

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