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Ted and janice gooch

Ted Gooch

Ted and Janice Gooch are a couple that have been volunteering and giving to Arlington Charities for around eight years. Before Ted became a regular volunteer, he worked as Arlington Charities’ Assistant Warehouse Manager. The couple chooses to give to Arlington Charities because they have seen firsthand that “our community needs support.” Ted and Janice choose to respond to this need using guidance from the Gospel of Matthew 25, “feed the hungry and clothe the naked.”

Janice Gooch

Both Ted and Janice enjoy volunteering at Arlington Charities for different reasons. As someone who likes to stay active, Ted appreciates activities like driving our truck to pick up donations or unloading food. Janice, on the other hand, enjoys getting to know each client and helping them. There is certainly a little something to do for every type of personality when volunteering at Arlington Charities.

The couple believes that Arlington Charities has a very positive impact on the people who come here, both as a source of help and a source of inspiration. Janice assured that clients often tell her that when they are back on their feet, they would love to come volunteer themselves.

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