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Terry Nuhn

Updated: Mar 18, 2019

Terry's favorite volunteer activity is meticulously sorting clothing donations.

Terry Nuhn is a volunteer who has been with Arlington Charities through many changes. Terry, her husband, and two kids have been volunteering with AC around the holidays for at least twenty years. She reminisced about how volunteers used to have to bag food outside in the cold for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and the annual Postal Workers Drive. Many of the large-scale annual holiday distributions used to happen outside in the parking lot and Terry is thankful that they have since moved inside. Terry has been keeping her volunteering indoors for about 1.5 years and has become one of our most consistent volunteers, stopping by to help almost every day. Her favorite volunteer activity is organizing donations of clothes, she can often be seen meticulously sorting and hanging clothing items. Terry is so adept with the clothing donations that she can often tell you what kind of clothes that we need more of or find something in a client’s size in a heartbeat.

The little moments are what makes volunteering a joy for Terry. “Every week a client touches your heart,” she asserts purposefully. Terry reminisced about a recent encounter with a woman who just got out of surgery. Arlington Charities was able to provide the woman with a new hat and scarf, a gift that practically reduced her to tears of gratitude.

Terry would wholeheartedly recommend volunteering at Arlington Charities to others. In lieu of Terry’s photograph, this picture of the clothing section more than represents the hard work that she puts in.

If you are a volunteer and would like to be featured on “Meet a Volunteer Monday,” please send us a message. Alternatively if you are inspired by Terry’s story and would like to volunteer yourself, you can sign up at

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