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Thelma Swindell

Today, we would like to honor the life of Thelma Swindell, one of the founding members of Arlington Charities, who passed away at 102 on November 12th, 2019. Thelma always had a passion for helping others by any means necessary, even distributing food out of the trunk of her car. She would also insist that volunteers should visit people without families and keep them company. However, she would always claim that it was never just her but “a group of people who made a difference.” Even into her old age, Thelma stayed active through volunteering and exercising. Thelma tried to exercise at least thirty hours a week at home, in exercise classes, or by taking walks. She also volunteered regularly at Trinity Terrace, asserting that “volunteer work is good for you; it gives the day a purpose and helping others provides a satisfying and rewarding experience.”

Throughout her life Thelma did many remarkable things including getting a master’s in business education at a time when few women were able to pursue such ventures, teaching high school and college, and traveling the world. She is survived by her six kids, thirteen grandkids, and fifteen great grandkids. Always the optimist, Thelma greeted each day with a smile and telling herself “it’s going to be a good day.” With the remarkable legacies and lasting positive impacts of individuals like Thelma, there are many good days ahead.

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