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Tina Paulk

Tina Paulk has been consistently volunteering with Arlington Charities for around three years and on and off before that. The naturally friendly and bubbly Tina is a people person by heart and even pursued a sociology degree in college to explore her love of people further. At Arlington Charities, Tina delights in working closely with clients and getting to know them on a personal level. Tina asserts that she simply, “loves being here.”

Outside of Arlington Charities Tina is very involved with her family and simply cannot gush enough about their accomplishments. Her son is a pastor who used to work in broadcasting and has even wired the Dolby Theatre for the Oscar’s several times. Tina’s daughter-in-law is an accomplished kitchen and bathroom designer. Prior to retiring, Tina was a dedicated early childhood specialist for 43 years. She licensed two buildings in Grand Prairie which focused on the cognitive and behavioral development of infants through four year old’s.

Tina would definitely recommend volunteering at Arlington Charities to others. In fact, she is constantly advocating for the charity all the time to the point where people are like “don’t tell us any more about Arlington Charities.”

If you are interested in volunteering like Tina, please visit more information.

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