Recipes from the pantry. 

Delicious recipes you can make using quality ingredients from the Arlington Charities pantry!

Arlington Charities' star chef, Adam Koepp, walks you through how to make incredible meals using the quality ingredients from the Arlington Charities pantry.  

Cooking With Adam

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Episode 3: Fried Catfish

One of the best comfort foods you can make is a crispy and flavorful fried catfish. Join Arlington Charities' favorite cook, Adam Koepp, as he walks you through how to make this scrumptious southern staple in Episode 3 of "Cooking With Adam."

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Previous Episodes

Episode 2: Quesadilla Platter

With football season coming up, Arlington Charities own, Adam Koepp, shows you how to make a game day quesadilla platter using the ground beef given out to clients each week at Arlington Charities. Check out Episode Two of "Cooking With Adam" to learn how to make this delicious treat.

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Episode 1: Roasted Chicken

Arlington Charities is excited to announce a new weekly cooking video segment that teaches you how to cook delicious meals with the varied ingredients you receive each week at Arlington Charities. Check out our first episode to learn how to cook a succulent whole chicken.

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Drive Through Pantry Recipes

Due to the Covid-19 Crisis, the Arlington Charities pantry has switched to a Drive Through Pantry to eliminate contact. Each week, our clients receive new  pre-packaged food items. These recipes are based on each week's items.

04/06/20 - 04/10/20

Clients Received: canned peaches, cream of mushroom, tomato sauce, chili, corn, green beans, elbow macaroni, raisins, fruit and nut mix, Ritter chocolate, peanut butter, cranberry juice. 

Cinnamon Raisin Kugel 

What you'll need:

-Noodles (Elbow Mac Will Work)


-Cottage Cheese

-Sour Cream





Chicken Noodle Casserole

What you'll need:

-Cream of Mushroom Soup


-Mixed Veggies (Corn and Green Beans Work)



-Parmesan Cheese


-Cheddar Cheese

Fruit Crisp

What you'll need:

-Can of Drained Fruit (Peach Will Work Great)

-Instant Oatmeal


-Chopped Nuts



Basmati Rice

What you'll need:

-Basmati Rice

-Unsalted Butter

-Yellow Onion









-Chopped Nuts

Miscellaneous Recipes

Roasted Sweet Potatoes & Onions

What you'll need:

-Sweet Potatoes (AC Produce Section)

-Onions (Arlington Charities Produce Section)

-Olive Oil (Arlington Charities Specialty Item)

-Salt (AC Pantry/Common Household Item)

-Pepper (AC Pantry/Common Household Item)

Total Estimated Cost: $0.00

Crispy Oven Roasted Chickpeas

What you'll need:

-Canned Chickpeas (Arlington Charities Pantry)

-Olive Oil (Arlington Charities Specialty Item)

-Salt (AC Pantry/Common Household Item)

-Your Favorite Spices (Good Selection in AC Pantry)

Total Estimated Cost: $0.00

Flourless Peanut Butter Brownies

What you'll need:

-Eggs (Front Cooler at Arlington Charities)

-Peanut Butter (Arlington Charities Pantry)

-Maple Syrup (About $2.29 at Store)

-Pumpkin Puree (Arlington Charities Pantry)

-Cocoa Powder (About $2.00 at Store)

-Baking Soda (About $0.50 at Store)

-Vanilla Extract (About $1.50 at Store)

Total Estimated Cost: $6.29

Three Can Chili

What you'll need:

-Beans: Pinto, Kidney, Red, or Black (AC Pantry)

-Corn (Arlington Charities Pantry)

-Tomatoes (Arlington Charities Pantry)

-Chili Powder (Arlington Charities Pantry)


-Ground Beef (Arlington Charities Meat Cooler)

-Onion (Arlington Charities Produce Section)

-Bell Pepper (Arlington Charities Produce Section)

Total Estimated Cost: $0.00

Do you have a favorite recipe you enjoy making with your ingredients from Arlington Charities? Tell us all about it or provide a link!


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