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Our Mission is to lead and engage our community in the fight against hunger and poverty; providing help, creating hope.

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Mobile Market Truck


Our newest warrior in the fight against hunger, The Mobile Market Truck, is on the move; bringing fresh, nutritious food to the food deserts of Arlington!

We Fight Hunger.

The Mobile Market Truck is supported with American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) funds administered by Tarrant County. To learn more about Tarrant County ARPA, log onto

Arlington Charities provides individuals and families with free, nutritious, supplemental groceries. Last year, we served over 90,000 Arlington area residents.

Just $25 can feed a family of three for a week. A gift from you, makes it possible for 90,000 Arlington area residents to have nutritious food when it's needed most.

The challenge facing our community

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Nearly 15.7% of residents in Arlington are at or below poverty level. That means that approximately 64,000 people are facing difficulty meeting their basic needs

Source: US Census Bureau


The unemployment rate for

Arlington, TX is currently 4.4%.

Source: US Bureau of Labor Statistics

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