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Help a community in need

What our volunteers are saying:

“Volunteers are just as much a part of the team as the paid staff” - Catherine Bartley

"Volunteering gives a whole new insight into the kind of need there is” - Cal Kost

“If your group is looking for a good place to make a difference and work with a well-organized staff, Arlington Charities is it”

- USA National Football Team

Learn more about our volunteers' experiences with our volunteer stories.

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Volunteering At Arlington Charities is Fun

There really is no shortage of things to do and projects to take on. A typical day might see a volunteer assisting clients with their grocery shopping, stocking shelves with donated food, sorting through donated clothing, breaking down donation boxes, or reorganizing the pantry. Often times there are specialty projects like preparing homeless lunches, assisting at our monthly mobile pantry, and helping out with specialty days such as our senior distribution. However, it is often the special bonds forged with our clients that keep our volunteers coming back for more.

We have volunteer opportunities for individuals, youth groups, companies, and more. Whether this is a one time gig or a weekly venture, Arlington Charities and our clients in need sincerely appreciate your help. Together our volunteers help us provide help and create hope.

Sign Up to Volunteer:

Call 817.275.1511 For More Information 

Email our Volunteer Coordinator:

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